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Welcome to Piptree

So, let's get growing!

Children thrive in our fun, positive and stimulating environments because we nurture them along a journey of care and learning.

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Is your child too young
to be using technology?

Every parent wants the best for their child. We've been looking into some of the unique issues that are being faced by parents today and have discovered some interesting information.

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Bring Education Home

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It’s the little things that matter

Every child has so much to give. We take great care to listen, notice and observe because we believe it’s the little things that matter. Our Educators truly engage with each child, responding to their specific needs and interests. It’s our role to inspire children, unleash their enthusiasm and gently guide them to new experiences.

We support our families as well as our children. We love forming strong connections with our families and we work hard to gain a real understanding of each child’s community and culture. Each Piptree is an inclusive environment where all cultures and beliefs are welcomed and celebrated.


We understand children, families and life.
Children need support, but so do families, and families are crucial to a child’s development. Our door is always open, and we will always do whatever we can to help.


We are engaged with our children, our families and our communities.
It takes a village to raise a child. We work hard with our families to give the children a rich exposure to our communities and cultures. We pay attention to the little things that open opportunities for intentional learning.


We will care for our children and take care in all that we do.
We take care of our children, our families, our environment and each other. We care to do things well, to go the extra mile and to deliver in the detail. Always to a higher standard.

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