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Our Philosophy

When you join your local Piptree, you’re joining a family. We believe that early learning and development extends far beyond the walls of our buildings. That’s why we take great care to build strong and positive relationships with our families and our wider communities. By working together, your child can begin to blossom.
Our child-centered development programs are based on the government-approved Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being and Becoming. We balance child-led play with structured, age-appropriate learning to give each child the right support to develop at their own pace.
Piptree is proud to be a family-owned Brisbane business. Our environments are purpose-built to ensure children have the optimum space, stimulation and security to actively engage in a wide variety of learning experiences. We nurture and encourage our children to participate and explore, and to extend their full range of skills in preparation for Prep.

Early Education For Our Seedlings

0-2 years

In this age group, we’re strongly guided by each family’s individual routine. We’ll ask you all about your tiny pip’s sleeping and feeding schedule and any other patterns that influence their day. We’ll follow your routine as closely as possible to ensure consistency – and a happy child!

15 months-2 years

Our rooms are full of stimulating, age-appropriate toys and equipment and there is a separate covered outdoor play area. A comprehensive daily communication sheet is displayed in the room, detailing all the important information about your child’s day.

2-3 years

Every child’s developmental needs are carefully observed and assessed and then incorporated into our programs. We constantly look for opportunities to extend on your child’s interests and enhance their abilities across all aspects of early learning.

3-4 years

Our 3 – 4 year old children are busy developing the skills they’ll need when they begin Prep. Our Approved Kindergarten Program enables our children to develop their confidence and abilities while still having lots of fun! Through ongoing observations our Educators create programs that cater for each child’s developmental needs and interests.

4-5 years

We offer an enriching variety of planned learning experiences, indoor and outdoor activities as well as informal, child-lead play opportunities. These rooms still follow a routine but we adapt this to cater to the children’s needs on the day. Children are encouraged to develop their learning to meet set outcomes and to challenge themselves to become successful in learning and in life.

What’s New at Piptree

What’s New at Piptree

What our families say about us

Thank you for warmth and kindness

From the moment I walked through the doors the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Staff are kind, thoughtful, energetic and professional. They have a genuine care and respect for the children. I found the centre to be well up to date with their use of technology and security and was extra impressed with the Centre's cleanliness and professionalism. The chef makes lovely food and I can see my baby really enjoying eating everything in sight. I love and look forward to receiving my baby’s daily updates on their app. The Centre has incredible outdoor spaces including for young babies. I like that the babies can mix with the older children in different areas of the Centre. As a first time mum to an 8-month girl, I trust that my baby is safe and in good hands. I cannot recommend the Centre highly enough.

Susan Molina

Wonderful Caring Centre

What a wonderful caring place, the staff have gone out of their way to make us feel supported and welcome, Thank you

The Thomas Family

10 years with Piptree

After 10 years at Piptree there are still many familiar faces from back then. A testament to a great centre

The Hicks Family

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It’s Early Childhood Educators’ Day today! On this day, we recognise and celebrate the work of Australia’s early learning educators for their amazing contributions to the well-being and healthy development of the children in their care. Today is a chance we get to thank our wonderful educators on a personal and national level!1 For many


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In our increasingly globalised world, being bilingual can be extremely helpful in communicating with people of different cultures. Here at Piptree Early Learning, we believe that teaching your child a second language is also good for their mind. Contrary to popular belief, learning a second language does not cause language confusion, language delay, or cognitive


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Resilience and perseverance are essential traits for children to develop. They are life skills that children take into adulthood and can affect how they grow up. Building resilience and perseverance in your child is important for their mental health as well as their physical health. It helps them to overcome obstacles more easily and reduces


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In a world of globalisation, we are living in an increasingly diverse society. Your child will interact with people of different races, cultures, and abilities. They will have friends from child care or school who come from different family structures. Children notice these differences from a very young age but they haven’t been exposed to


The Benefits of Virtual Reality in Early Childhood Education

Physical play is an important and effective way for young children to learn. Similarly, when used correctly, technology is just as important to a young child’s development. There are huge investments into technology that can provide essential and important skill-building virtual reality and augmented reality games for children. Studies have shown that virtual reality (VR)


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Even though coronavirus lock-down restrictions are being eased, we know that being holed up at home for a long time can be mentally and emotionally draining for a lot of people, especially children. The fear, uncertainty, and unexpected change can cause great stress on your child causing them to feel anxious or restless. This is


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There has been a substantial decline in the number of children who enjoy reading through the years. Many children see reading as a chore, instead of something that can be done for recreation. By encouraging good reading habits from young, it can inspire a love for reading in your child. Reading has many benefits to


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