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Delivering Play-Based Learning Through Educational Toys

Children are Natural Learners By nature, children are curious about cause and effect; this interest in ‘how the world works’ can be observed from day 1. As they go through the process of growing up, children are constantly analysing and drawing conclusions based on their experiences. “Babies and children are like little scientists. They gather […]

Preparing for a New Child

“I’m pregnant…” Becoming a parent can be a frightening experience when you’re uncertain of what to expect. But it needn’t be with the right amount of preparation and enhancing your own knowledge. Having your new child will change your lifestyle beyond belief, but you will experience things like no other when getting to know your […]

NOW OPEN – Piptree Early Learning Heritage Park

Piptree Early Learning Heritage Park is the newest Piptree centre opened in south-east Queensland. The centre is currently undergoing renovations and new paintwork, giving the centre a fresh, new look and feel. There are plans for the installation of a CCTV system and keypad lock at the entrance for children’s security. Also, we will have […]

The Importance of Professional Development for Staff

What is Professional Development in Childcare? “Professional Development” is the development of new skills, knowledge and experience. Professional development can include courses, work-based learning, studying on your own,  going to lectures, seminars or conferences and a range of other activities. Why invest in Professional Development in Childcare? For Childcare professionals, ongoing Professional Development can keep […]

Using Imagination is Child’s Play

Have you ever heard of the stories from your parents or older generations? You know the types of stories that sound something like this: “When I was young all we had was paper and pencils”, or stories such as “We were outside from dawn to dusk”.  Can you imagine what the children were doing? I […]