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Our Curriculum

Our mission is to inspire our children, understand their families, engage with our community and care for our environment. We at Piptree believe that this is necessary to create a brighter future for our children’.

In conjunction with the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), we have formulated an all-inclusive philosophy which encompasses multiple schools of thought to provide the best early education to our children. We integrate the research and passion of some of the great European pioneers in education, such as Johann Pestalozzi, Jean Piaget, Friedrich Fröebel, and Maria Montessori, alongside various national and international theoretical studies.
The Piptree curriculum is an innovative, hands-on approach, which delivers early learning to our children, through a play-based approach. The curriculum is focused upon the optimisation of a child’s early years’ exposure and redefines the way early education is delivered.
To deliver the curriculum, we work closely with our passionate educators to create places where each child and their family feel supported and understood. Each educator feels respected and inspired to unleash a child’s imagination and enthusiasm for learning.
Little Things
At Piptree, we take care to get the details right, As well as We listen to our parents and children. We go the extra mile to ensure our children love their time with us and have the best early years foundation as possible. We take great care to listen, notice and observe because we believe it’s the little things that matter.
Our Educators truly engage with each child, responding to their specific needs and interests. It’s our role to inspire children, unleash their enthusiasm and gently guide them to new experiences.
It takes a village to raise a child. We work hard with our families to give the children a rich exposure to our communities and cultures. We pay attention to the little things that open opportunities for intentional learning.
Nurtured By Nature
Although I'm not their mother, I care for them each day. I cuddle, sing, and read to them, and watch them as they play.
I see each new accomplishment and help them grow and learn, I understand their language and I listen with concern.
They come to me for comfort and I kiss away their tears. They proudly show their work to me, I give the loudest cheers!
No, I am not their mother, but my role is just as strong. Though maybe not for long.
I know someday the time may come, when we will have to part, but I know each child I've cared for, is forever in my heart!
Begin to Blossom
At Piptree we gently help each child to find their own way to flourish. We believe that through child-centred development and learning, we can help every child shine brighter. Every learning journey starts the same way. You must begin by taking that first step.
We provide Nursery, Kindergarten, and Outside of School Hours Care.
We care for children from 6 weeks old.
We have qualified teachers running a Government-approved curriculum.
We offer childcare services outside of school hours to assist working parents.
At Piptree we believe that educating children about sustainability should begin very early in life. It is in the early childhood period that children develop their basic values, attitudes, skills, behaviours and habits, which may be Long-lasting. Studies have shown that racial stereotypes are learned early and that young children can pick up cultural messages about wealth and inequality.
As Early Childhood Education is about laying a sound intellectual, psychological, emotional, social and physical foundation for development and lifelong learning, it has an enormous potential to foster values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that support sustainable development. At Piptree we educate our children on the wise use of resources, cultural diversity, gender equality and democracy.
Open Doors
We strive to keep not only our children happy, but our parents too. We love it when parents visit their children at the center. Parents are encouraged to come and lunch with their child, read a book at circle time, or partake in any of the activities we do with the children.
At Piptree, we believe that parents play the most important role in Early Education. Therefore, we do our best to incorporate parents within our Early Education Program. We love to organise family activities such as picnics and dinners where parents, educators and children can all get to know one another.
Streamlined Processes
We empathise with parents. We understand that being a parent is not an easy job. At Piptree, we want to make being a parent as easy as possible. This is why we have streamlined our systems and have implemented digital check-in systems, direct debit payments (no more paper!) and digital newsletters.
We are continually trying to improve our systems and procedures to make your life easy. This is done through the incorporation of technology so that systems are more efficient and effective.
All our centres are equipped with the latest security systems. You as a parent are leaving your most treasured possession with us and, whilst keeping them safe, we will endeavour to do everything in our power to give them the best quality care and nurturing.
At Piptree we believe communication is key. As a Piptree parent you will receive daily, weekly and monthly updates on your child. From daily verbal check-ins to monthly newsletters, we endeavour to keep our parents involved in their child’s life during the hours that they are not with them.
We create positive relationships with our parents through the frequent exchange of information about the child’s strengths, progress and needed changes. Social media is another way in which we will keep you updated on what is happening at each Piptree centre. We post daily updates which include activities that are occurring at the centres, events that are coming up and interesting ‘pip tips’.
Educational Toys
At Piptree, our ultimate objective is to assist in developing children into life-long learners who are equipped with the skills and motivation to teach themselves as they develop.
To help us achieve this objective, we have implemented a carefully selected variety of educational toys into our early learning centres. The toys available for use at Piptree have been creatively designed with a strong emphasis placed on both learning and environmental friendliness.
Young children learn most effectively through play - playing is learning and learning is playing. Each product has been designed to inspire structured learning, by stimulating curiosity and exploration of the world we live in.

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