It’s Early Childhood Educators’ Day today! On this day, we recognise and celebrate the work of Australia’s early learning educators for their amazing contributions to the well-being and healthy development of the children in their care. Today is a chance we get to thank our wonderful educators on a personal and national level!1

For many children, the most significant adults in their daily lives are their family members and educators. They’re the adults that they spend the most amount of time with, the people who make most of the decisions on how they will spend their time, and the people who provide guidance and direction through their actions and words.2  Educator-child relationships are crucial in a child’s mental, physical, and emotional development. This relationship:3

  1. Helps children feel secure outside of their immediate family, which frees them up to explore, play, and learn
  2. Contributes to children’s sense of identity
  3. Offers children an opportunity to learn how to interact with others. They learn how to respect other’s rights, be appropriately assertive, be caring, negotiate and resolve conflicts
  4. Enables effective teaching and learning

Your child’s educators are a huge part of their lives! Take some time today or this week to say thank you to your child’s educators. You can encourage your child to make a card or make a simple home-made gift for their educator. They could pick a bunch of flowers from the garden or bake a cake and/or cookie with Mum and Dad.

Celebrating our educators at Piptree Early Learning

We’re blessed to have incredible educators here at Piptree Early Learning and we want to share how appreciative we are of them!

‘We are All in this Together’ at Piptree Tanah Merah!

At the peak of the pandemic in March, the children and educators at Piptree Tanah Merah created a hand-print painting to show their support for their families, friends, and local businesses to keep going! You can check out the post here.

Rain Sticks at Piptree Heritage Park!

The children in the Poppies room (4-5 years) at Piptree Heritage Park made rain sticks with Miss Rupinder and Miss Brenda! Miss Brenda shared with the children about aboriginal culture and what it means to her and her family celebrations. She talked about how her children loved making rain sticks when they were younger and asked the children if they wanted to make one. The answer was a resounding “YES!” Miss Rupinder then sat with the children and together they created a big rain stick. As the children were busy creating the rain stick Miss Brenda explained that traditional rain sticks are made from dried hollow cacti and pebbles We love for our educators to share their culture with the children as they learn about diversity and respect for the First Nations people! Check out the post here.

Hygiene Fun at Piptree Mount Gravatt East!

Hygiene is extremely important and the Sprouts (1.5 – 2.5years) at Piptree Mount Gravatt East were taught self-help skills and how to maintain proper hygiene! Our wonderful educators taught the children how to thoroughly wash their hands from front to back, in between fingers, and washing their thumbs and nails. They also learnt about mouth hygiene and the importance of brushing twice a day. To further emphasise the importance of oral hygiene, the children and their educators then did an activity using pom-pom balls in a sandwich bag to act as a dirty mouth and the children used a toothbrush to clean the teeth. This helped our Sprouts visualise what goes on inside their mouths! Have a look on our Facebook page to see the full post!


Music Time at Piptree Sunnybank Hills!

Making music is good for a child’s mental and physical development and wellbeing! The children in the Pips room (0-2 years) at Piptree Sunnybank Hills had a ton of fun with our make-shift drum-set and shakers! All of our Pips were developing their creative skills as they created music spontaneously. The babies love making loud noises and this drumming activity gave them the perfect opportunity to do so!



White Christmas in July at Piptree Eight Mile Plains!

The Sprouts 1 class (15 months to 2 years) at Piptree Eight Mile Plains celebrated a White Christmas in July by making a snowman with shaving cream and Santa hats with red-coloured rice! They particularly enjoyed decorating the room with beautiful Christmas decorations. The children and their educators set up a cosy corner for their families to take photos with, making sure everyone at Piptree got involved with the Winter Christmas spirit!



Thank you to all of our Amazing Educators!

We are grateful to have a dedicated team of educators who have gone above and beyond to ensure that our children at Piptree Early Learning get the best learning experience in the early stages of their lives! Join us in saying thank you and celebrate our wonderful educators when you see them!



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