Piptree Early Learning

Our Philosophy

When you join your local Piptree, you’re joining a family. We believe that early learning and development extends far beyond the walls of our buildings. That’s why we take great care to build strong and positive relationships with our families and our wider communities. By working together, your child can begin to blossom.
Our child-centred development programs are based on the government-approved Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being and Becoming. We balance child-led play with structured, age-appropriate learning to give each child the right support to develop at their own pace.
Piptree is proud to be a family-owned Brisbane business. Our Centres are purpose-built to ensure children have the optimum space, stimulation and security to actively engage in a wide variety of learning experiences. We nurture and encourage our children to participate and explore and to extend their full range of skills in preparation for Prep.

What does Piptree mean ?

We’ve created places where children play, learn and grow. We nurture their development, gently guiding them to flourish and blossom at their own pace. We firmly believe that from these delicate seedlings, mighty trees will grow! It’s our role to help each child along a journey of care and learning – from Pip to Tree.

We understand children, families - and life

We’re here to support you, as well as your child. In fact, we want you to think of Piptree as a warm and welcoming extension of your family. Our door is always open, and we’ll do whatever we can to make things as convenient as possible.

Engaged Educators

We pay attention to the little things and we’re strongly connected with our communities. Providing our children with a rich exposure to different cultures opens up valuable opportunities for active and meaningful learning.

Genuine, nurturing care

Care is at the heart of everything we do. We care deeply for our children, and we also care for our families, our environment and each other. We take care to get the details right, and we always deliver to a higher standard.

Our Educators

All Piptree Educators share a passion for care and early learning. Our professionally trained experts care for each child with genuine warmth and affection. We pay attention, notice the little things, and celebrate the uniqueness of each child. All of our Educators are fully qualified, or studying towards a qualification

“At Piptree we are a family. Working with Children is the most rewarding job as we get to learn, play and explore with them.” 

We believe that learning is forever! Piptree Educators demonstrate a true commitment to continual education. We provide regular training and professional development opportunities to enrich our staff and build on their knowledge and skills.

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