We are so very thankful for our wonderful Kindergarten class also known as our Poppies (4 – 5 years), who are moving to Prep in 2019. We have a few more weeks for healthy transitions to the new school, so we have put a quick list below to help you prepare for your child’s first year of school. Further information can be found on the Queensland Government Resource for Parents web page.

As a parent, you play a vital role in your child’s education. There are many things you can do to make your child’s first day and time at school more enjoyable.

You can help your child prepare for their first year of school by:

  • improving their independence
  • having a daily routine
  • packing a healthy lunch
  • knowing your school
  • getting involved with your school
  • doing family activities at home

Before your child starts school, you should encourage them to be independent by helping them practice the following things:

  • packing and carrying their own school bag
  • putting on their shoes
  • eating and drinking without help
  • going to the toilet on their own
  • using tissues to blow their nose
  • recognising their belongings.

Daily routines

Daily routines can help children understand what they need to do, when to do it each day and why it’s important. To help prepare your child for school, get them into a routine which includes:

  • going to bed early
  • waking up at a certain time—leave plenty of time to get ready
  • having a healthy breakfast—needed for energy and concentration
  • preparing and eating lunch
  • making time for physical activities.

Before your child starts school, make sure you talk to them about what to expect. Remember to be flexible, as it may take them some time to understand their new routine and adjust socially.

These are little ways which will build a strong foundation of success for our Poppies to grow into fine young trees! Thank you for choosing Piptree, we look forward to your visits in your new school uniforms! Our door is always open and we would love the visits to show you off to next year’s Kindergarten children!!

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