What is Professional Development in Childcare?

“Professional Development” is the development of new skills, knowledge and experience. Professional development can include courses, work-based learning, studying on your own,  going to lectures, seminars or conferences and a range of other activities.

Why invest in Professional Development in Childcare?

For Childcare professionals, ongoing Professional Development can keep staff up to date with advances in Early Childhood Education and Care, improve skills and practice, thereby enhancing the positive development of the children in their care.

The uptake of good quality Professional Development is consistent with the Government’s quality reform agenda.

For an individual, Professional Development is particularly important, given that in some cases a single professional will care for and nurture a child’s development over a number of years. More broadly, across the Early Childhood Education and Care sector, Professional Development can motivate, inspire and support professional networks.

4 Jun, 2017 / 0 Comments