The Kindergarten Program is about preparing your child for Prep.

Here at Piptree we are offering your children lots of opportunities to play, learn and grow.

Children are encouraged to use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs. Make friends and cooperate with other children. We encourage our Poppies to be more independent and confident in their abilities. Educators assist children in developing self-discipline. We support children to creatively express their ideas and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play. The Kindergarten program is also about developing early reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Useful school preparation activities might include:

  • Encouraging children’s participation in group games and experiences
  • Supporting children to cooperate with peers and make friendships in free play situations
  • Talking positively with children about starting school
  • Discussing school visits or orientation events with children, before and after they occur
  • Arranging visits to the local school so children can get used to the environment and activities
  • Reading with children regularly

We’d love to welcome you and your child into the Piptree family. Contact us today to visit one of our locations and see what makes Piptree different.

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