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It can be stressful for both you and your child when they are introduced to a new environment. It could be their first day of school, a new classroom, or a new childcare. It can be emotionally challenging for children to be separated from their parents, even just for a little while. Settling into a


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Building Social Interaction Skills It can be tough to see your child struggling to interact with others in social situations. There are two components that should be met before they are comfortable interacting with others — understanding social concepts and using those concepts. It is easy for children to understand the meaning and importance of


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The Piptree Curriculum is based on five principles; one of them is Emotional Intelligence. Emotional self-regulation is a major part of emotional intelligence and is a person’s ability to manage their experience and expression of their emotions. With lots of time and practice, a child can improve their capacity for emotional self-regulation. We can see


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