Natural Resource Play for Children

Natural resource play encourage children to observe closely and use all their senses.

The range of natural materials we are able to use with younger children is endless, yet we need to be careful.

Some ideas for nature play:

  • Water!
  • A variety of leaves including simple and compound leaves, pine tree needles, leaves with stripes and patterns, leaves of different colours and shades, leaves with interesting textures and scented leaves
  • Shells of varying shapes, sizes, patterns, textures and colours
  • Bark and twigs from a variety of trees, cut sections of wood and short lengths of pine showing grain and knots
  • Fruits and vegetables that are interesting to look at and to handle
  • Pods of different sizes, shapes and colours, pods with seeds still in them and cones of different shapes and sizes

Contact us today to visit one of our locations and see natural resource play at work at Piptree.

Nature Play Passport for an Amazing Childhood


Nature Play QLD PassportToday your children will receive their free Nature Play QLD Passport to an amazing childhood. There are missions to complete, activities to play, outdoors to explore!! Please support our children to blossom through play!!

Your Nature Play Passport will have activities such as:

  • Animal I spy
  • Soccer play with a twist
  • Shadow art
  • Kaialgumm Games Trail to learn more about our indigenous culture

There are stickers, fun facts and heaps more online!!

Go for it, give the children the very best, as it is the little things that matter!!

Nature Play