Open communication

I really appreciate the open communication you encourage between parents and yourself and it is reassuring that you are so approachable to discuss any concerns. As you know, I am really impressed with the facilitation of your centre and the staff within. You all do a fantastic job in ensuring the welfare, development and happiness of the children. I am really grateful that my child is able to spend his pre-school years at your centre and am thankful that you implement such high standards of childcare.

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for looking after our boys over the years. James and Matthew have grown into happy and confident boys.

It’s always a relief

Thank you all so much for all your care and attention of Kieran and our family. It’s always a relief to know he is in your safe hands, learning and growing through play.

Wonderful place to be in

Dear Miss Nulla, Thank you so much for making Jacob’s daycare such a wonderful place to be in. You’ve done so well with the security, the staff, the meals and the overall atmosphere. We all love the fun and sense of community you’ve brought to the centre – thank you.

My twin daughters have attended Piptree

My twin daughters have attended Piptree for 2.5 years. They’re now heading off to Prep, and we’ve been delighted in the care the girls have had at Piptree.

They’ve been regulars – 4 days per week. They’ve met many friends, and the carers have all taken an interest in the girl’s’ well-being.

We’re very happy to recommend Piptree to families looking for long day care.

Such happy memories

Thanks for taking such loving care of my children. Although my daughters attend school now, they always ask for an extra play at ‘kindy’ when we pick you their little brother. Such happy memories!

Thank you to all the staff

Thank you to all the staff for looking after my little Ayaan. The staff were so supportive and caring despite knowing he was there only for a little time and he only attended one day a week. I cannot reccomend this place enough. A nuturing staff and a stimulating yet homely environment is the perfect combination. Special thanks to Nulla and Elena. Lots of love from Ayaan.

We started our daycare journey 4 years ago

We started our daycare journey 4 years ago with my very clingy 11mth old. Through these 4 years, the staff have been caring, fun, listens to any concerns I’ve had and work with what my children needed. My 4yo is more than ready for prep because of her days at Piptree. My 2 yo is growing and learning every day and always has a smile on his face when hes there. To me, knowing my kids are happy and well taken of is what matters most. Thankyou Piptree family!

The best child care & kindie from our experience

The best child care & kindie from our experience. The continuous improvement of the Mount Gravatt East center is impressive and helps parents like myself to juggle life in ease.

I love that the Centre is reasonably small

We have been with Piptree Mt Gravatt for five years now and are very happy with the care and love my boys receive. I love that the Centre is reasonably small, have carers from a diverse multicultural background and very family orientated. It doesn’t take long for new carers to know my boys by name. I can often give the daycare reasonable notice and have been able to request casual days when we’re stuck. Piptree Mt Gravatt has been very reliable and loving for my family. A big help given that we have no local extended family! Thank you